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VIRAASAT- A Mystical Tale

November 12, 2020

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Over the years, traditional jewellery has been a part of every family heirloom and has been worn and cherished by each generation. The nostalgic memories and the evocative feelings that each jewellery piece brings along with it, is simply bewitching.

Shri Ram Hari Ram has launched their bridal collection called 'Viraasat', a handcrafted work of art that is bronzed with beauty and enamelled with grace, greatly inspired by the legacy that they have been holding onto for more than two centuries.

The Viraasat campaign was re-imagined by our creative team at 1010 Creative and was visually captured by Artfoto Studios, keeping today's bride in mind. 

Shri Ram Hari Ram - Viraasat

Shot and Produced by Artfoto Studios

Digital Creative Agency 1010 Creative

The collection is an amalgamation of the vibrant cultural past with a hint of the contemporary. It is an ode to passion, a song to traditions reimagined, and a tribute to gentle ferocity - told through precious polki, south sea pearl drops, and a smattering of Russian emeralds. 

Shot and Produced by Artfoto Studios

Digital Creative Agency 1010 Creative

This campaign is where the old meets the new and comes together as a beautiful union of the two worlds.


The challenge was capturing the two worlds in a single image. The lights, the set, the props - they all played a key role in bringing these worlds beautifully together. It was quite a challenge to make each image look balanced as it was created. Visually it had to show the jewellery clearly, while also tying the concept together. We achieved this by breaking the 4th wall in photography where we were just not limited by or to the set.

As we built the bridal campaign around their jewellery pieces, we also curated a soulful storyline along with it. Each piece had a story to tell and some memories to evoke. Each time these alluring neckpieces are worn by a bride, they fall beautifully onto her neckline as though they were made especially for her. Every minute detail on the ornament has been tastefully captured thus making the jewellery speak for itself.

The idea was further extended by associating with women from different walks of life and we created a social media campaign around it, calling it the ‘Women of Viraasat’. The underlying idea behind the campaign was to communicate how these stunning ornaments could also be moulded and matched to every occasion and not just be perceived as bridal jewellery alone. 

The digital campaign was amplified by collaborating with influential women like Palak Shah (CEO, Ekaya Banaras) Dildeep Kalra (Director, Massive Restaurants), Kitty Kalra (Fitness & Pilates Expert), Gopalika Virmani (Lifestyle Influencer) and Tarini Manchanda (Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer). The content that was generated out of the campaign has caught the eyeballs of many on social media and has got people thinking about how these opulent pieces could be restyled for other occasions and festivities. 

Banner: A still from Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers "Viraasat" 
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