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When Dipali Patwa, Group Head of Brand, Community & Digital, and her team Fab India briefed us on the need to create a brand identity for FabNU, the Fabindia sub-brand that is a salute to the ever-growing younger demographic, we knew we needed to create an identity that connects with the core and brings to life the story of this collection.


The Brand Identity 

The brand identity we created for FabNU, the fabindiaofficial sub-brand, anchors on U (You), and is designed to be an extension and rendition of the consumer’s true spirit & individuality.

The ‘n’ flows into the ‘U’ to represent movement.

The millennial consumer is not only always on the

move physically, but is also constantly striving

to level-up, evolve and grow.

The flower represents growth, as well as the

blossoming beauty of YOU and your individuality.


The Tag Line: Unapologetically You


Capturing the spirit of an entire generation, the concept celebrates individuality and belief in one's self.

The Film Concept and Protagonist 


Developing the FabNu identity concept further we embarked on the challenge of finding a protagonist for the brand film, who would represent an entire generation’s mindset. In Eshna Kutty, who is a hoola hooping sensation besides being many other things, we found the perfect combination of drive, creativity, diligence and free thinking.


The Film 

The Script and the voice over for the FabNu film was the narration of the inner voice that drives and her entire generation. The confidence and passions that fuels them. It’s a voice that millions today would relate with!


It represents the day in the life of a generation that is

often considered unusual or just dreamers. The challenge

was to display how in every aspect of their life,

they actually work hard and actually make their

reality even better than their dreams.

Shot and produced by Artfoto Studios it was quite

the journey to have this concept fit in so well with

the brand identity that we created for FabNu. 


To set the mood we needed to create a sound track that complimented the visual world. Working together with Khwaab Music allowed us to create a score that ebbed and flowed with the energy and mood that Eshna brought to the screen. It needed to be the right mix of Fabindia’s Indian yet new global outlook.

The art-direction for the set had to capture the personality and energy as well as Eshna Kutty’s multiple passions. We took a strong protagonist and created a world which reflected the simplistic beauty of her everyday life.


From the brand identity to the brand film and other extensions we managed to craft a narrative that connected with millions and showed us, that this is really the age of a new normal.

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