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Brand Launch - Fabessentials for Fab India

Fabindia, one of India's best-known brands for wide-ranging,

naturally-made traditional products reached out to us to create a

pitch for the launch of their personal care range Fabessentials,

needless to say we were very excited for this opportunity and began

the deep dive. 

Laden with skincare, haircare, body and bath, aromatherapy, and gift sets, the Fabessentials® line of products is carefully designed to create pure, sustainable, and natural products and we had the task of creating communication that highlighted the product, its USPs, with a focus on creating an idea that brings health and well-being into universal consciousness and make it affordable ‘luxury’ for day-day use.

We went to the drawing board and with the emphasis on the gentle

and nourishing ingredients used in the making of these products we

finally ended up with the overarching theme of ‘Kindness is Essential’.

The concept resonated well with the Brand and product team

at FabIndia and then it became the basis of our Brand Film. 

The script of the film that went through multiple iterations was the backbone for us to define this campaign. After much research and a deep dive into the mindset of today’s young millennial and gen Z, we found a commonality between the products and the lifestyle that we wanted to bring to the fore. Just like the generation of today, who are aware of the heritage and knowledge of our past and also embrace the western lifestyle with enviable ease, the products at Fabessentials are a combination of the best traditional ingredients and those backed by scientists across the world. And for both, kindness was a trait that was essential.

From here were born the 3 protagonists of the film - a fitness enthusiast who practiced mindfulness yoga but also combined it with a kickboxing strength routine, an architect who was intensely driven yet found time to connect with nature, and finally a musician who had mastered a traditional instrument in the santoor, but was not afraid to break the rules with remixing it with her own tunes. The concept brings forth simple self-care routines using Fabessential products that are made of the kindest ingredients, routines that fit easily amidst their bustling lifestyles. Shot by the in house production team at Artfoto Studios, the film managed to catch the attention of the target audience.

From concept to execution the entire journey was fabulous.

Here's a visual journey through the campaign images for the concept of Kindness is essential...

Mindfulness is essential, so is strength


Ambition is essential, but so is connecting with nature


Holding on to your roots is essential, but so is breaking the rules


While its important to spread kindness, its ESSENTIAL to be kind to yourself


Fabessentials, bringing together the best of both worlds with the kindest ingredients

The next step was to create visual assets to bring to the fore all the rich ingredient-based products in the Fabessentials® range. We worked closely with the product team to break down the 80 plus unique product range and developed a visual language that created a sensory extravaganza for the viewer. From usage, rituals, visuals that invigorate the senses, we created a wide range of assets for the brand.


A comprehensive communication strategy combined with a sustainable content strategy to deliver the brand message consistently across the platforms, and that marked the success of this campaign for us.

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