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Into the deep: Making fantasy meet reality

September 28, 2020

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The Fashion Design Council of India has spearheaded in taking their 13th edition of the India Couture Week 2020, live across various digital platforms. The Couture Week began from 18th September that showcased the work of 12 eminent couturiers and closed with its last show on 23rd September.


With the first-ever digital edition of the couture week,  the council wished to offer an enhanced digital experience to its audience by combining fantasy with pragmatism.

Over the past few years, the industry has seen a significant change as fashion brands have moved to communicating with their audience through creating digital content. And as a part of experiential marketing, brands have discovered a profound & insightful connect with consumers through audiovisual narrative. 

In the pursuit of acquiring exclusivity and authenticity, brands have recognised that the key to be enticing online, is through experimenting more with film making and digital content creation.


Artfoto Studios feels ecstatic about taking on the visual asset creation for one of the participant designers, Amit Aggarwal. The collection truly depicts the weightlessness of the ocean, the caress of the wind, and the cradle of earth through its intricate design lines and the silhouette, as captured through the art of photography. 


The challenge of shooting the campaign was making each image look unique. And as these shots were taken from a higher vantage point, there were limitations in movement and trying different angles. We overcame these challenges and were able to capture each shot differently by experimenting with different body forms in the water. As each garment reacted to the water differently, we had to first study the garment in water and basis which we positioned ourselves to take the perfect shot.

Shot for Amit Aggarwal's first digital couture show

The shoot wasn’t just the ordinary, but was intended to grasp the attention of many as it was an underwater shoot for the first time ever for Amit Aggarwal. However challenging it may have sounded, we were extremely thrilled to be taking this up, as Artfoto has always showcased exclusive and exceptional content over the years. The campaign film shot was seen as alluring and dreamy as was the idea of the designer, and we were successful in conveying the message to its consumers through the visual content curated by us. The film lasted for 4:30 minutes  covering every element of the design that kept the consumer well engaged and the soothing audio, added an ethereal character to it as well.

Capturing the tranquility underwater for India Couture Week 2020

It is over the years of hardwork & devotion towards what we do, is what makes us extraordinarily efficient in bringing out the meaning through the content that we produce.

We have been creating visual assets for luxury weddings, luxury brands, along with other fashion & lifestyle brands. But what sets us apart from the rest, is our deep sense of understanding of the end customer and being able to turn challenging campaigns around in a trice. Our digital marketing agency, 1010 Creative has benefitted us to comprehend the pulse of fashion and cater to the needs of the brand & consumer in a more proficient way.

Banner: A still from Amit Aggarwal's fashion film showcased at India Couture Week 2020
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